Before Treatment

Dental CareOn the first visit, the dentist gets a thorough overview of the state of the teeth. In addition to the teeth, gums and dental occlusion are also checked, and the current state of the patient’s teeth is determined. Only then a treatment plan is drawn up, and the dentist and patient can agree on the details of the treatment plan. First consultation is free for new clients.


Usually the dental problem is solved during the first visit (e.g. ordinary filling) but sometimes a long-term treatment is needed. If a long-term treatment is needed, the number and frequency of the patient’s visits will be agreed upon.


It is very important to pay attention to the health of a child’s teeth on time. The child’s first encounter with a dentist should take place in a friendly atmosphere. This is important mainly because this way the child gets used to the office of a dentist and does not develop a fear of dentists. Primary teeth also need check-ups and treatment. There are more than average dental caries cases in Estonia, and caries damages the teeth of children as young as 2–3 years old. Thus, it is recommended to take a child to the dentist even if they only have primary teeth. This is a good way to ensure that your child has normal teething in the future. Children’s dental care is free of charge.