Dr. Lill’s Dental Care

If you have chosen to let Lille Hambaravi take care of your teeth, you will surely want to know who will treat you.


I have been working as a dentist for the past 30 years and I have learned a lot in this time. The technologies and techniques in dental care are evolving rapidly, which pushes us, dentists, to evolve along with them. We have to keep up to date with the latest technologies, as well as master the newest treatment techniques and instruments. It is an exciting task that comes with great responsibility, and as a doctor, it cannot be taken lightly.


When a medical student graduates and becomes a dentist, they are more or less on par with their schoolmates, but how good the fresh graduate will become is a matter of dedication. One cannot become a good doctor without being fully committed, and the same goes for dentists.


My job takes priority right after my family, and although I also enjoy sports, it is a hobby that I pursue in my spare time. I think that my dedication to work is also important, because as a doctor, I am not only selling my skills but also my trustworthiness. Trust is what brings patients back to me for another visit. Over the years, I have gathered a loyal clientele of people that have placed their trust in me, and for that, I am very thankful. It is a recognition of my work.


If you are a first-time customer, we will start with an examination of your teeth. During this examination, I will look at five of the most important things:


  • the condition of your gums;
  • the condition of your teeth;
  • any missing teeth;
  • your dental occlusion;
  • what your smile looks like.


After that, I will make you a dental treatment plan. I will give you a detailed overview of the current state of your teeth, propose a treatment plan, discuss the details of the treatment plan with you, and answer any questions you have.


Usually the dental problem is solved during the first visit (e.g. ordinary filling), but sometimes a long-term treatment is needed. If a long-term treatment is required, we will agree upon the number and frequency of visits. We can also help you if you need dental prostheses. Do not be afraid to ask for advice – together we can find the best solution for you. Every patient is welcome at Lille Hambaravi!


Yours faithfully,
Dr. Priit Lill