Rein Lang REIN LANG, politician

”I have been a client of Lille Hambaravi since it was established. Why? Their treatments do not cause me any pain (or if they do, it is short-term and accompanied by a compassionate smile), the dentist is pleasant and the nurse is pretty. Moreover, you get the world’s most glorious view from the window, especially during the summer!”





"I have been terrified of dentists since I was a child. Lille Hambaravi is the only place where I have the courage to open my mouth and let a dentist near my teeth. For some unexplainable reason you will not feel fear in that office."


Margus LeivoMARGUS LEIVO, politician

"I visit Lille Hambaravi because I want my teeth to be like those of a wolf!"






"Dr. Lill takes care of your teeth like they are his own. You can see the sea and seagulls through the window in his office. Total bliss... no aching teeth. Besides, Dr. Lill attends concerts, drives a motorcycle, and he has a cute small car with fearful white sharp shark fangs painted on it. You could only dream of having teeth like that!"